Garden Centre

Our Garden Centre is truly a destination!  
Exception plant product and customer service are the backbone of our company and we strive to offer our clients a unique experience with every visit.
Known for having unusual varieties of plants, we service our local area, as well as the City of Ottawa and surrounding areas.
Our owner, Cindy Cluett is passionate about plants and it shows in every aspect of her work.  Cindy is particularly fond of interesting evergreens and dwarf conifers and we often carry specimens you won't find in other local nurseries.
Our staff is exceptional and made up of a variety of horticulturalists and avid gardeners.  They want to share their love of plants with you!
Along with a wide variety of perennials, trees, shrubs, evergreens and annuals we also carry a full range of outdoor pots and garden accessories.
Come and see for yourself!